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Unidentified decorated arcade, IndiaRIBA95745

Unidentified decorated arcade, IndiaRIBA95752

Unidentified Elizabethan or Jacobean country house: the entrance porchRIBA51155

Unidentified gateway, probably in the University of Oxford Botanic GardenRIBA52101

Unidentified geometric ornament, IndiaRIBA95748

Unidentified late Gothic cloisterRIBA60398

Unidentified late Gothic cloisterRIBA60399

Unidentified monument, IndiaRIBA95754

Unidentified office building, New York: the main entranceRIBA91048

Unidentified ornament, IndiaRIBA95751

University Church of St Mary the Virgin, High Street, Oxford: the south porch with twisted barley columns and a statue of the Virgin and ChildRIBA28915

University Church of St Mary the Virgin, High Street, Oxford: the spire lavishly decorated with ball-flowersRIBA28916

University Church of St Mary the Virgin, High Street, Oxford: the upper part of the south porchRIBA48939

Unpublished illustration of 'The Death of Matilda' from Horace Walpole's 'The Castle of Otranto'RIBA53416

Unpublished illustration of 'The Entry of Frederick into the Castle of Otranto' from Horace Walpole's 'The Castle of Otranto'RIBA85957

Upper theatre, Cnidus (Knidos): the Corinthian order of the sceneRIBA65648

Vase upon the gate pier of St Andrew, Holborn (left) and ornamental details of St Paul's Cathedral, LondonRIBA65569

Vestibule of the Baths, Cnidus (Knidos): capital, entablature and base of the antaeRIBA65639

Vezelay Abbey Church (now known as Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine), Yonne: sketch of the interior of the west end showing vaulting and two bays on the south side of the naveRIBA32151

Viceroy's House, New Delhi: the tennis-court screenRIBA7468

Victoria Assize Courts, BirminghamRIBA3826

Victoria Assize Courts, BirminghamRIBA3827

Victoria insurance building, Lindenstrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin: detail of the main entranceRIBA113566

Victoria Street, Chowk, LucknowRIBA7146


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