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Manchester Town HallRIBA11194

Manchester Town HallRIBA3799

Manchester Town HallRIBA44735

Manchester Town Hall: the clock towerRIBA78186

Manchester Town Hall: the elevation on Albert SquareRIBA69814

Manchester Town Hall: the main frontRIBA7000

Manchester Town Hall: the Mayor's entranceRIBA7001

Marie-ecole de Mies, GenevaRIBA90790

Market Cross, ChichesterRIBA38853

Market Hall, High Street, AmershamRIBA77834

Market Hall, High Town, HerefordRIBA47570

Market House, StonehavenRIBA14573

Market Square, Keswick, Cumbria, looking towards Moot HallRIBA47596

Martini warehouse, formerly Henly's car showroom and service station, Great West Road, Brentford, LondonRIBA24207

Mayo College, AjmerRIBA10127

Merchant Taylor's School, Northwood, London: the tower closing the west end of the main quadRIBA51996

Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha (Alabaster Mosque), The Citadel, Cairo: the marble ablution fountain in the open courtyard with the clock tower on the rightRIBA7699

Municipal bus garage, BudapestRIBA74305

Municipal bus garage, BudapestRIBA74307

NAAFI Club, Aldershot, HampshireRIBA79500

National Provincial Bank (more recently Royal Bank of Scotland), St Andrew's Cross, PlymouthRIBA54166

National Provincial Bank (more recently Royal Bank of Scotland), St Andrew's Cross, Plymouth: the clock towerRIBA54167

New headquarters for the London Electric Railway Company, 55 Broadway (later London Underground), Westminster, London: the clock tower capping the flat roofRIBA50316

North Gate, Kelheim, BavariaRIBA27785


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