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RIBA12687Design for a labourer's cottage, Burton Court, Eardisland

RIBA13382Design for a holiday cottage

RIBA16347Design for a labourer's cottage

RIBA16348Design for a labourer's cottage

RIBA20181Design for a lodge or cottage in a park: elevation showing the entrance porch

RIBA21654Design for a pair of cottages, Cricket St Thomas, Somerset, for F. J. Fry: elevations, plans and section

RIBA21991Design for a pair of adjoining cottages: plan of the kitchens and pantries

RIBA21992Design for a pair of adjoining cottages: elevation

RIBA22015Design for a group of cottages, Turners Hill, Sussex: perspective view

RIBA22156Design for a half-timbered bailiff's cottage, West Stratton, Hampshire: contract drawing showing the north elevation and part of the east elevation

RIBA29803Design for a gardener's cottage incorporating stables and beehives, for Crooksbury House, near Farnham, Surrey: plan, elevation and sketched perspective

RIBA32501Design for a group of adjoining cottages and a library to be built around three sides of a quadrange: elevation and plan

RIBA34584Design for a group of cottages at Langham, Rutland, for Owen Hugh Smith: sections, elevations and plans

RIBA35839Design for a house: photograph of a wax model exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1899

RIBA36014Design for a pair of cottages, Chintnurst Hill, Wonersh, Surrey: perspective view

RIBA36295Design for a house named 'The Box', West Byfleet, Surrrey: elevation, section, plan and details of door and window fittings

RIBA36298Design for a house near Ware, Hertfordshire: persepective view with plan

RIBA36300Design for a house on Cavendish Road, St George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey: perspective view

RIBA36302Design for a house in Bembridge, Isle of Wight: elevation and plans

RIBA36459Design for a group of attached cottages, Port Sunlight, for Messrs. Lever Bros: perspective view

RIBA36610Design for a gardener's cottage, Cumnor Hill, Oxford, for Miss Venables: elevations, plans and section

RIBA37798Design for a lodge or cottage: elevation and plans

RIBA82984Design for a pair of cottages for visitors and resident housekeepers, Bude, for Sir Thomas Dyke Acland: plans, elevations and section

RIBA82987Design for a pair of cottages, Port Eliot, St Germans, for the Earl of St Germans: plans and elevations


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