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RIBA3075-37Design for the ceiling of the dining room, 7 Queen Street, Edinburgh, for Lord Chief Baron Ord

RIBA12396Design for the dining room of Birkby Lodge, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

RIBA13339Design for alterations and additions to the ward room of HMS Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent

RIBA20384Design for a room in a penthouse at 23-25 Montagu Street, London, for G. Coren

RIBA20476Design for additions to Edgeworth Manor, Gloucestershire, for Arthur J. James

RIBA20489Design for dining and drawing room doors with a detail of a scrolled ornamented truss for T.T. Clifton Esq., 7 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London: elevations and sections

RIBA21242Design for alterations to Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, for the 4th Duke of Northumberland: perspective drawings showing construction work being carried out on the dining room

RIBA21726Design for Isotype dwellings: elevations of furniture and interior fittings

RIBA29252Design for a small house at Twyford: elevation with a plan of the ground floor, which incorporates a dairy, dining parlour and kitchen

RIBA29548Design for a rosewood and sycamore dining table: elevation, plans, section and detail, together with photographs of the constructed model

RIBA31151Design for a house, Bron Y Nant, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd: perspective view showing the interior decoration of the dining room, featuring a modelled plaster chimney hood

RIBA35660Design for a stained glass window for the dining room of a house in Liverpool for George Smith

RIBA35675Design for a stage set depicting a colonnaded hall leading to a dining pavilion with a winged deity shown floating above

RIBA36481Design for alterations to the interior of Wotton House, Wotton Underwood, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, for Michael Beaumont MP: elevations of the saloon

RIBA36488Design for a silver table centrepiece (epergne or 'surtoute'): elevation and plan

RIBA36501Design for interiors for the ground floor of a house: perspective view from above showing a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, dining room and living room

RIBA36660Design for Great Maytham, Rolvenden, Kent, for the Rt Hon J H Tennant: sketched elevations of the back stairs and a detail of a dining room wall

RIBA36661Design for Great Maytham, Rolvenden, Kent, for the Rt Hon J H Tennant: sketched elevations and details of a staircase

RIBA36721Design for alterations to a house in Liberia Road, London: colour sketch indicating the interior decoration scheme of the living room, with the dining room and kitchen seen beyond

RIBA36814Design for restoration of the hall, Merton College, Oxford: section

RIBA37254Design for the decoration of the soffit panel over the dining room window of Spencer House, 27 St James's Place, London

RIBA41549Design for Royal Holloway College, Egham: elevation towards the quadrangles of the main building with cross section through the chapel, dining hall and museum

RIBA66003Design for No. 49 Great Marlborough Street, Westminster, London: plan with laid-out wall elevations

RIBA66372Design for the banqueting hall for the visit of Queen Victoria, Drummond Castle, Perthshire: plan and elevations


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