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Chiesa di San Filippo Neri (?), Padua (?): longitudinal sectionRIBA35182

Chiesa di San Martino, Mantua: longitudinal section with domeRIBA35181

Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Murano, Venice: longitudinal section with domeRIBA35173

Chiswick House, London: elevation of the entrance frontRIBA29774

Chiswick House, London: lower floor plan and side elevationRIBA94797

Chiswick House, London: principal floorplan and elevation of the entrance frontRIBA94798

Chiswick House, London: the central room of the GalleryRIBA3149-41

Chiswick House, London: the entrance frontRIBA9178

Chiswick House, London: the entrance frontRIBA3431-58

Chiswick House, London: the entrance front by nightRIBA49614

Chiswick House, London: the entrance front by nightRIBA2464-6

Chiswick House, London: the Ionic Temple and obelisk in the Orange Tree GardenRIBA26552

Chiswick House, London: the Octagon HallRIBA16902

Christian Science Center, Boston, MassachusettsRIBA69698

Church at the Monastry of Perivleptos church, MistraRIBA9247

Church of Apostolos Andreas, PolisRIBA9563

Church of Beit-ol Lahm (Bethlehem) of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Nor Jugha, IsfahanRIBA55570

Church of Christ the King (Kristu Re), PaolaRIBA45003

Church of Le Zitelle (or Santa Maria della Presentazione), Venice: longitudinal section showing dome and crowning statueRIBA84329

Church of Our Lady of Sorrows and Church of the Emperor Constantine, SuzdalRIBA55330

Church of Saint-Jean de Montmartre, Paris: the south transept looking from below showing the domeRIBA101496

Church of San Fantino, Venice: longitudinal sectionRIBA32468

Church of San Felice, Venice: sectionRIBA32473

Church of San Francesco di Paola (?), Mantua (?): longitudinal section with domeRIBA85102


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