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RIBA20944Reconstructed view of a Greek temple of the Ionic order in a mountainous landscape

RIBA21452Studies of columns and entablatures, demonstrating the five orders of architecture

RIBA21596Study of an Ionic capital, architrave and column base from the Temple of Minerva Polias at Priene: elevations

RIBA28213Sketches of architectural details of the Baths of Constantine and the Portico of Octavia, Rome

RIBA28231Sections and studies for orders on the Colosseum, and sketches of part of the plan of the Baths of Caracalla, Rome

RIBA28345Study for the reconstruction of an Imperial Forum

RIBA28364Studies of architectural details of the Theatre of Marcellus, Rome: elevation, details of the Doric and Ionic orders, drawn in perspective

RIBA28483Porta Maggiore, Rome

RIBA29080Sketch of the upper part of a rusticated Doric order supporting an entablature

RIBA31832Porta dei Leoni, Verona

RIBA31834Porta dei Leoni, Verona

RIBA31836Porta dei Leoni, Verona

RIBA31867Room interior of the Corinthian and Egyptian Orders with draft text for I Quattro Libri dell'Architettura

RIBA35111Studies of architectural details of the Colosseum: profile of the Doric capital and architrave

RIBA35112Studies of the Ionic order

RIBA35770Section of an entablature drawn with perspective lines to an infinity point

RIBA36552Student drawing showing an Egyptian column and examples of decorative patterns

RIBA38222Sectional elevation and plan of an 'Egyptian Hall' featuring columns surrounding a central space and statues set in niches

RIBA38302Studies of columns and capitals

RIBA38368Study of a capital and entablature of the Corinthian order as designed by Andrea Palladio

RIBA53441Studies of architectural details of the Baptistry of Constantine (San Giovanni in Laterano), Rome: bases of columns

RIBA65651Quadruple portico, Cnidus (Knidos): the Doric order

RIBA65652Quadruple portico, Cnidus (Knidos): details of the Doric order

RIBA85706Roman order: base, pedestal and impost mouldings


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