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RIBA17676Design for furniture in a Neo-Jacobean style

RIBA20011Design for a small octagonal book cupboard

RIBA20139Design for a side table and wall mirror for the Duke of Bolton's house, Grosvenor Square, London

RIBA21582Design for the interior decoration of 15 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, for F Lehmann, Esq: plan of top and elevations of sideboard in the dining room

RIBA29546Design for a glass and rosewood occasional table: elevation, plan and section together with a photograph of the constructed model

RIBA29547Design for a rosewood veneered and felt-topped reversible card table: elevations, plan and section, together with a photograph of the constructed model

RIBA29548Design for a rosewood and sycamore dining table: elevation, plans, section and detail, together with photographs of the constructed model

RIBA30140Design for a side table surmounted by a pair of antique-style urns and a tripod perfume burner, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

RIBA30705Design for a medal for the Catch Club depicting two nude male figures, one holding a lyre, the other a cup, seated to either side of a wreathed tripod table supporting a further lyre and vessels

RIBA31455Design for the interior decoration scheme of the children's dining room of the MV Manoora for the Orient Steam Navigation Company: elevations and plan showing wall paintings featuring monkey, elephant and polar bear motifs

RIBA32371Design for a ladies' work table: elevations and section

RIBA32646Design for a table for Tower House, Melbury Road, Kensington, London: elevations, perspective, plan and details

RIBA35669Design for a stage set and proscenium arch for a performance of the opera 'La Clemenza di Tito', Act 1 Scene 1, Lisbon Opera House (Opera do Tejo or Phoenix Opera): perspective view of an interior with Rococo decorations

RIBA36355Design for garden furniture for Hampton Lodge, Seale, Surrey, for Eustace Thornton: elevations and plans of a small table, a chair and a stool

RIBA36501Design for interiors for the ground floor of a house: perspective view from above showing a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, dining room and living room

RIBA36697Design for a small oak coffee stool for Alma House, 73 Rodney Road, Cheltenham: perspective sketch

RIBA39618Design for a table for the cocktail lounge at the Regent Palace Hotel, Piccadilly Circus, London: elevations and plan

RIBA81001Design for a circular folding table made in oak for E. J. Horniman Esq.: plan, elevation and details

RIBA92093Design for a toilet table for C. T. Burke:elevation

RIBA94940Design for an oak table

RIBA96588Design for a sideboard: plan and elevation showing alternative finishes; and, Design for a hot bath, Harley Street, London: plan and section

RIBA98229Design for dining table for the House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: plan and elevations

RIBA98517Design for a table for H. A. Voysey Esq.: plans elevation and details

RIBA98565Design for a table for Mrs van Gruisen: plans, elevations and details


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