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RIBA20869Design for a domed temple or monument

RIBA20871Design for a freestanding temple, possibly made in connection with a project to commemorate George III's Jubilee

RIBA20952Design for a domed public building: elevation and plan

RIBA21213Design for a domed public building

RIBA22935Design for a five bay, two storey, country house with a tetrastyle Ionic portico at first floor level and an alternative design for the ground storey: elevation and plan

RIBA22992Design for a house based on a Greek cross plan: elevation and plan with notes on proportions

RIBA29004Design for a house and forecourt with a semi-circular recess and circular steps leading to the pedimented entrance facade, the forecourt incorporating stables : elevation and plan

RIBA29306Design for a domed temple

RIBA32292Design for a horticultural institute in a Classical style, possibly in Plymouth: front elevation

RIBA35706Design for a double-domed building: half-elevation and half-section showing both the exterior and the interior of the building

RIBA36005Design for a country house, Cordoba: elevation of the garden front

RIBA36902Design for a country villa, one-storey high: sketch plans and elevation

RIBA36961Design for a garden orchestra stand of square plan, with pedimented porticos on all four sides and surmounted by an open lantern: plan and elevation

RIBA37383Design for a gardener's house, Foley House, near Maidstone, Kent: elevation and plan

RIBA37462Design for a domed church with a tetrastyle Greek Doric portico, Nuneham Park, Oxfordshire: elevation with section and scale

RIBA37795Design for a fishing lodge with a cottager's or keeper's house: elevation and plan

RIBA67658Design for a house based upon a Greek cross plan: plan and elevation

RIBA67671Design for a house based upon a Greek cross plan of two storeys, the wings each six bays long and five bays wide, with a square columned hall: elevation

RIBA82174Design for a five by five bay house with central circular rotunda, pilasters at the angles and an attached tetrastyle portico: two plans, elevation and section

RIBA82175Design for a five by five bay house with central circular rotunda and a pilastered order: two plans, elevation and section

RIBA82391Design for a domed church after Sir William Chambers

RIBA82399Design for a country house: plan and elevation

RIBA82400Design for a domed public building: elevation

RIBA96687Design for a five-bay house: incomplete plan and elevation


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