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RIBA7705Schooner named 'Flying Cloud'

RIBA7708Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': staircase to the dining room

RIBA7716Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the bathroom

RIBA7714Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the deckhouse sitting room

RIBA7709Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the dining room and sitting-out area

RIBA7710Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the dining room and sitting-out area

RIBA7711Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the dining room and sitting-out area

RIBA7707Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the 'grand entrance' leading from the main deck to the principal cabins

RIBA7715Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the lobby outside the main deck cabins

RIBA7706Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the main deck

RIBA7712Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the sitting room fireplace

RIBA7713Schooner named 'Flying Cloud': the stern sitting room

RIBA58745'Scotch Boats', Whitby, North Yorkshire

RIBA27086Scuola Grande di San Marco seen from the Rio dei Mendicanti, Venice

RIBA6508Scuola Grande of San Marco, Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, seen from the canal

RIBA18258Sea-going cruiser moored at the Compleat Angler, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

RIBA14862Sheds made from upturned boats with Lindisfarne Castle in the background, Lindisfarne (Holy Island), Northumberland

RIBA17206Ship's anchor and rope on deck

RIBA53833Ship's bows and anchor, Watchet, Somerset

RIBA23873Shipyard in Durgerdam, Amsterdam

RIBA27115Shore of the harbour at Marina Grande, Capri

RIBA97680Sketch of a stone boat (the sacred boat of Queen Mutemwia) 'from a collection of antiquities at Rosetta'

RIBA32153Sketch of two gondoliers' shrines from Venice and a pillar shrine from Florence

RIBA71266Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, seen upstream from the opposite bank of the River Alde


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