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RIBA20159Details of a chimneypiece in the drawing room, capital and decorative friezes, Levens Hall, Cumbria

RIBA20199Detail of a marble capital, from the tomb of Carlo Marsuppini, Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence

RIBA20694Details from the Choragic monument of Lysicrates, Athens

RIBA20760Detail of a capital

RIBA20942Detail of Ionic capitals and entablature featuring decorative stonework and a carved frieze depicting a procession of women and centaurs

RIBA20943Detail of Ionic capitals and entablature, with dimensions, featuring decorative stonework and a carved frieze depicting a procession of women and centaurs

RIBA20949Detail of an Ionic capital, base and entablature from the temple at Priene

RIBA20950Detail of an Ionic capital, base and entablature, featuring a frieze depicting a battle scene

RIBA20953Detail of a capital featuring grotesque ornament, Church of San Spirito, Florence

RIBA21328Details of ancient Egyptian doorways, a carved capital and decorated urns

RIBA22320Detail of a carved capital, from a house in Via Luccoli, Genoa

RIBA22327Detail of a capital featuring a carved lion

RIBA22353Detail of a brick capital from an unidentified building, Via dei Manfredi, Reggio

RIBA31095Detail of Jesus Chapel, Norwich Cathedral

RIBA36969Designs for variations on the Ionic capital

RIBA37195Details of carved columns and capitals, brackets, balustrades and decoration, Bangalore

RIBA38270Detail of an Ionic capital

RIBA65004Details of Ionic capital

RIBA91868Detail of capital, possibly from Palazzo Strozzi-Bevilacqua or Palazzo Rondinelli, piazza Ariostea, Ferrara

RIBA95452Details of an antique Tuscan entablature, of an 'antique symbolique' capital from a temple of Jupiter and an Ionic capital by Michelangelo

RIBA96034Detail of column capital

RIBA96037Detail of column capital and lion head

RIBA98287Details of Egyptian and Spanish Saracenic architecture

RIBA126211Details of the Doric orders, from the studio of Andrea Palladio: sheet of details of a Doric order with fluting beneath capitals and at base


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