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RIBA2666-15Southmere Lake and Southmere Towers, Southmere, Thamesmead, Greenwich, London, with children playing

RIBA3829Shopping centre, Pepys Estate, Deptford, London

RIBA21735School in Tioronda, New York: exterior perspective

RIBA24262School of St John of Jerusalem, south Hackney, London: the south-east elevation

RIBA28335St Columba's Wells, Londonderry: a little girl walking along a backstreet decorated with bunting in celebration of St Columba's day

RIBA33664Sant'Elia nursery school, Como: children in the refectory shaded by roll-down blinds

RIBA38800Sherborne School (formerly King Edward's School), Sherborne, Dorset: boys in the Cadet Corp in the courtyard

RIBA42825St Andrew's College, Booterstown, Dublin: a science laboratory

RIBA42922St Audrey's Secondary Modern School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire: pupils at work

RIBA42924St Audrey's Secondary Modern School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire: the entrance hall

RIBA43079Salt Grammar School, Shipley, West Yorkshire: the approach to the main entrance

RIBA44145Secondary School, College Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire: the assembly hall

RIBA44146Secondary School, College Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire: a science laboratory

RIBA44147Secondary School, College Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire: a staircase

RIBA47782Schoolboys snacking by the riverside on the Isle of Dogs with the Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London, in the background

RIBA48199Southend-on-Sea: funfair

RIBA51088Silhouettes in classroom windows in a school in Wales

RIBA55719Sigdon Road School, Hackney, London

RIBA62657School boy in a dilapidated storage shed being cheeky to the photographer

RIBA69391St Andrew's College, Booterstown, Dublin: the main assembly hall

RIBA76545Secondary Modern school, Tuxford, Nottinghamshire: the assembly hall with the classroom block beyond

RIBA81893Shared church, Elmshott Lane, Cippenham, Slough: the sliding partitions

RIBA135359Southend-on-Sea: family sitting on a bench

RIBA135361Southend-on-Sea: Children playing with toy boats in a seaside pool


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