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Palazzo della Ragione (Palazzo del Comune), Verona: Torre dei LambertiRIBA27171

Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia, PIazza del Campo, SienaRIBA13574

Panoramic view of London looking south from the north end of Waterloo bridge, showing St Paul's Cathedral, Blackfriars Bridge, Tower Bridge, the South Bank, Hungerford Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Cleopatra's NeedleRIBA41481

Parham Park, East Sussex: the house with the stables and laundry wingRIBA89242

Parham Park, East Sussex: the stable blockRIBA89250

Parham Park, East Sussex: the stables and laundry wing to the north of the houseRIBA89241

Parish hall, Buscot, OxfordshireRIBA102602

Parish hall, Buscot, OxfordshireRIBA102603

Parish hall, Buscot, OxfordshireRIBA102604

Parish Hall, Buscot, OxfordshireRIBA102616

Parliament Buildings, OttawaRIBA8133

Parliament Square, Westminster, LondonRIBA10429

Pavillon des Renseignements et du Tourisme, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925RIBA80197

Pembroke College, Cambridge: perspective view of the Red Buildings (residential block) and new library from the Main CourtRIBA29321

Pernstejn Castle (Hrad Pernstejn), Nedvedice: the chapelRIBA55299

Perspective of the principal entrance and tower of Manchester Town HallRIBA13167

Perspective sketch (not as executed) of hte Indian stable and farmyard, Sezincote, Moreton-in-MarshRIBA37218

Piazza dei Signori with the Basilica and the Torre di Piazza on the right, VicenzaRIBA38176

Piazza di Spagna, Rome: looking towards the Church of Trinita' dei Monti from the foot of the Spanish StepsRIBA112800

Port Clock, port area, Dalian: prior to demolitionRIBA106060

Preliminary design for Market and Public Offices, High Row, Darlington: perspective of main facade of the town hallRIBA92124

Preliminary designs for the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, LondonRIBA12338

Preliminary studies for the Big Ben clock tower, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, LondonRIBA21680

Preliminary studies for the Big Ben clock tower, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, LondonRIBA22538


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