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RIBA4601House with cast iron filigree decoration, Sydney, New South Wales

RIBA5580Hotel van Eetvelde, 4 Avenue Palmerston, Brussels

RIBA5587Hotel van Eetvelde, 4 Avenue Palmerston, Brussels

RIBA5588Hotel van Eetvelde, 4 Avenue Palmerston, Brussels

RIBA5590House, King's Lynn, Norfolk

RIBA11731House in Cork: detail of entrance

RIBA11733House in Kinsale, County Cork

RIBA11734House in Kinsale, County Cork: the entrance door and staircase

RIBA15603Imperial Chemical Industries Pavilion, Empire Exhibition, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

RIBA26566House Holly Terrace, Highgate West Hill, Highgate, London

RIBA42254Houses near Attleborough, Norfolk

RIBA48907House in Beaumont Street, Oxford: detail of the verandah

RIBA52644House at Highgate, London: staircase with wrought-iron balustrading

RIBA55456House, Roslyn Gardens, Sydney

RIBA71659House on Coleraine Road, Greenwich, London

RIBA78734Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the facade after restoration

RIBA78735Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the facade after restoration

RIBA78742Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the entrance hall looking towards the main door

RIBA78744Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the statue of Perseus seen from the first-floor landing

RIBA78745Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the winter garden

RIBA78746Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main staircase at the foot of the lightwell

RIBA78747Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main stairwell showing the half-turn landing entrance to the mezzanine floor room

RIBA78750Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main stair from the ground floor

RIBA105088Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the hallway and stairs


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