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RIBA6755St James the Great, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, seen from the Georgian gatehouse

RIBA13654Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati: the entrance

RIBA22757Sketch showing a gated alley between tall buildings

RIBA29443Rear view of red brick and weatherboarded houses

RIBA29996Sketch of a garden statue, Temple Kinsley, Hertfordshire

RIBA32480Sketches of wrought iron chapel screens, gates and finials from the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum): examples include 17th century Italian gates and screens from Countances Cathedral, France and the Church of St John, Frome, Somerset

RIBA32483Sketches of decorative wrought ironwork from various locations in London: examples include gates, fanlights and lamp holders from Argyll Street, Cavendish Square and Hanover Square

RIBA47889Queen Anne's Mansions, Broadway, Westminster, London: the main entrance

RIBA48501Roman Catholic Church of St Mary of the Assumption, Linlithgow Road, Bo'ness: the baptistery

RIBA57293Soho Square, London: the south gate

RIBA60448Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London: wrought-iron entrance gate

RIBA60528Sir John Cass Institute, 31 Jewry Street, Aldgate, City of London

RIBA62687Rubbish discarded at the side of a building

RIBA64174Sheltered housing for the elderly, Queen Elizabeth Close, Palace Plain, Norwich: entrance gate with swan motif on key barrel

RIBA72476Scotch College, Hawthorn, Melbourne: the entrance gates

RIBA77827Rutland Lodge, Petersham, London: the entrance gates and piers

RIBA93067SS Severino e Sossio, Naples: the main gates to the church

RIBA93069San Francesco delle Monache, Naples: the main entrance

RIBA93825St David's (Church of Ireland), Pope's Quay, Cork

RIBA98546Site plan and perspective sketch of entrance gates and adjoining lodge, Fonthill Gifford, for James Morrison

RIBA102724Rousdon, Devon: the lych gate to the church of St Pancras

RIBA102725Rousdon, Devon: the lych gate to the church of St Pancras

RIBA116141Southfields Industrial Estate, Hornsby Square, Basildon: detail of iron gate

RIBA116148Southfields Industrial Estate, Hornsby Square, Basildon: detail of iron gate


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