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RIBA19038Rolling bridge near Borensberg on the Eastern Line of the Gota Canal

RIBA26691Rio di San Barnaba seen from Ca' Rezzonico with San Barnaba's 14th century campanile in the foreground, Venice

RIBA26697Rio seen from the Ponte del Teatro, Venice

RIBA26702Rio di Ghetto Nuovo, Venice

RIBA27054Rio in the Castello district with campanile of San Giorgio dei Greci in the background, Venice

RIBA27064Rio della Misericordia, Venice

RIBA27067Rio di San Giovanni Laterano near Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice

RIBA27081Rio dei Miracoli with church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli on the left, Venice

RIBA27272Riva degli Schiavoni, Venice

RIBA27309Riva degli Schiavoni with the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) in the centre and the Biblioteca Sansoviniana in the background, Venice

RIBA27759Rio di San Barnaba with campanile of Santa Maria dei Carmini in the background, Venice

RIBA27760Rio di San Barnaba and San Barnaba's 14th century campanile, Venice

RIBA38049Rio di San Barnaba and San Barnaba's 14th century campanile, Venice

RIBA38064Rio Pesaro with side elevation of Ca' Pesaro on the left, Venice

RIBA38111Rio di San Severo, Venice

RIBA38430Rio Priuli, Venice: view along the canal with the former Palazzo Ruzzini (later Palazzo Priuli) on the right

RIBA38433Rio di San Trovaso, Venice, with the Palazzo Contarini Corfu seen on the right

RIBA38434Rio di Santa Sofia, Venice

RIBA38445Rio San Trovaso, Venice

RIBA38447Rio di San Antonino, Venice, from the Pieta Bridge

RIBA38459Rio di San Toma with Palazzo Centani (Casa Goldoni) in the background, Venice

RIBA38465Rio di San Rocco with Scuola Grande di San Rocco on the left, Venice

RIBA39915Rolling Bridge, Paddington Basin, London: the bridge being rolled back

RIBA39916Rolling Bridge, Paddington Basin, London: the bridge being extended


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