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RIBA13629Wholesale store of Claflin Mellen and Company, New York

RIBA14726York Station: the train shed

RIBA15985Woodbridge Station, Suffolk: canopied platform

RIBA15989Unidentified money box in shape of house with bank above front door windows and doorway and outer edge in iron

RIBA17331Warehouses, Wakefield, West Yorkshire: detail of heavy iron tie-iron on facade

RIBA17433Tide mill, Woodbridge, Suffolk

RIBA17734View of a market hall with a room above using iron and masonry in its construction

RIBA17736View of a hall vaulted in iron

RIBA17881The Harbour Master's stores, Cowes, Isle of Wight

RIBA17895Thames weir at Godstow near Oxford

RIBA18431The Pier, Eastbourne: people relaxing in deck-chairs on the decking

RIBA23331Union Bridge over the River Tweed between Horncliffe (in England) and Fishwick (in Scotland)

RIBA23764Unidentified row of houses showing railings, central London

RIBA27942Unidentified box girder railway bridge with dual gauge track

RIBA34489West Pier, Brighton

RIBA38194Villa Pisani (Villa Nazionale), Stra: wrought iron gate at the entrance to the park

RIBA47618The Palm House, Williamson Park, Lancaster

RIBA49897York Station: the train shed

RIBA49935Three-storeyed townhouse with wrought-iron verandah, Dawlish, Devon

RIBA58924Victoria Promenade, Ifracombe, Devon: the Winter Garden

RIBA84623Working drawings for the wing containing the family apartments, Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater: iron truss for the tower above Lord Bridgewater's dressing room


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