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RIBA8157Weinmarkt, Dinkelsbuhl

RIBA17734View of a market hall with a room above using iron and masonry in its construction

RIBA18212Trellick Tower, Cheltenham Estate, Edenham Street, North Kensington, London, seen from Swinbrook

RIBA19307The Fish Market, Milan: close-up of reinforced concrete columns of the market hall

RIBA21931Unexecuted design for the Crimea Memorial Church, Istanbul: presentation watercolour of west front as in competition design

RIBA22087Victoria Fruit Market, Manchester: competition design drawing of the market hall and front elevation

RIBA25787The Monument with workers at Billingsgate fish market, City of London

RIBA29596View of the Rialto Bridge and surrounding market stalls, Venice

RIBA32017View of Covent Garden Market piazza and the Church of St Paul, London, with market stall holders shown unloading their goods from vans

RIBA41334Tiled steps and striped fabrics hanging at a market stall, Essaouira

RIBA47864The Flower Market, Covent Garden, London

RIBA62161Wheeling goods on a handcart in a market

RIBA62694The elevation of the ring road passing above the Bull Ring market and shopping centre, Birmingham

RIBA65335Town hall and market, Market Place, Chipping Norton: plan and elevations of the first, unexecuted, design

RIBA65336Town hall and market, Market Place, Chipping Norton: plans of the lower ground floor and main floor as executed

RIBA65337Town hall and market, Market Place, Chipping Norton: elevation of the front and back facades as executed

RIBA75712Wholesale market, Bond Street, Leeds

RIBA75713Wholesale market, Bond Street, Leeds

RIBA75714Wholesale market, Bond Street, Leeds

RIBA76063Watney Street Market, London

RIBA84035View of the Market Hall, Warwick

RIBA84794View of Covent Garden Market, London

RIBA99026Topographical drawing of the Silk Mercer's Bazaar, Cairo

RIBA125841Topographical drawing of the Vleeshal, or covered meat hall, Haarlem


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