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RIBA15785Transporter bridge and harbour, Marseille

RIBA15786Transporter bridge, Marseille: close-up of the pedestrian deck suspended over the River Rhone

RIBA20087Two ghauts (ghats), or landing places, by a river's edge, Cossipore, West Bengal

RIBA30612Vickers Supermarine Aviation Works, Southampton: perspective view of the factory building and sea plane hanger

RIBA31278Travel sketches made while in the USA: a view of holiday traffic on a road to 'Vacation Land', Maine, a pair of empty chairs outside a holiday cabin and a view of a main street in Richmond, Virginia

RIBA31995Unexecuted design for Tower Bridge (here titled the 'Bascule Bridge'), London: perspective view showing the double leaf bascule in its lowered postition

RIBA31996Unexecuted design for Tower Bridge (here titled the 'Bascule Bridge'), London: perspective view showing the double leaf bascule raised to permit the passage of tall ships

RIBA32968Unexecuted design for a new town, Isola Dino, Calabria: aerial perspective showing 'floating' villa blocks, a monorail and marina

RIBA37144View from the River Ganges of the Fakir's Rock, Sultanganj, Bihar

RIBA37153View from a boat of the River Ganges with the fort at Chunar, Uttar Pradesh, in the distance

RIBA38463View from the Veneta Marina bridge, Venice

RIBA47969Trawlers moored at Fish Quay on the Tyne, North Shields

RIBA47972Tynemouth Sailing Club, Prior's Haven, Tynemouth

RIBA49951Trawler moored at the harbour, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

RIBA49962Trawler motoring along the River Witham, Boston, Lincolnshire

RIBA55562Vadstena Castle (Vadstena slott), Vadstena

RIBA57209Tynemouth Sailing Club, Prior's Haven, Tynemouth

RIBA57210Tynemouth Sailing Club, Prior's Haven, Tynemouth

RIBA64405University Centre, Granta Place, Cambridge: the riverside facade

RIBA64406University Centre, Granta Place, Cambridge, seen from the Mathematical Bridge

RIBA64407University Centre, Granta Place, Cambridge: view along the Granta Place riverside with the Scudamores Punting Club in the foreground

RIBA68235Three alternative designs for the flag of PS London Engineer

RIBA75817Vickers House, Millbank, London: the tower seen from the river

RIBA96623Unidentified location on the Bay of Naples, probably Marechiaro


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