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RIBA5138Orpheus Fountain, Concert House, Stockholm

RIBA9091Palace of Versailles: view from the Bassin de Neptune

RIBA16794Palais du Trocadero at the 1878 Exposition Universelle in Paris

RIBA20058Nand Bhawan palace pavilion and fountain complex, Deeg, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

RIBA20892Nonsuch Palace, London

RIBA24407Nursery school for Dulwich College Preparatory School, London: children playing in the playground

RIBA27403Palais de Chaillot, Place de Trocadero, Paris: the central pavilions and ornamental pool with fountains

RIBA27692Neues Schloss, Herrenchiemsee, Bavaria: the Latona Fountain in front of the parterre

RIBA27969Old Town, Chur, Graubunder: the fountain with a bear holding a standard

RIBA29312Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo: perspective view of the inner courtyard and the ablutions fountain

RIBA31380New Market Hall, Sheffield: perspective view

RIBA42432New Change Buildings (part of the Bank of England), City of London: the central courtyard

RIBA44458New Hall, Cambridge: the southern facade of the library with the guest rooms on the right

RIBA49906New headquarters for the London Electric Railway Company, 55 Broadway (later London Underground), Westminster, London: one of the marble drinking fountains fitted on each floor

RIBA54081Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: the River Tyne God statue on the link wall to the Council Chamber

RIBA54710National Provincial Bank, Drapers Gardens, 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, showing the cantilevered beams projecting over the garden forecourt with its fountain alongside the main entrance

RIBA62892Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: the council chamber

RIBA62899Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: the River Tyne God statue on the link wall to the Council Chamber

RIBA62901Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: the west pool with 'Swans in Flight' by David Wynne and an 80 foot water jet

RIBA63188New Zealand House, Haymarket, London: the second-floor garden courtyard

RIBA91614Nesuh-Aga Vucijakovic Mosque: the courtyard and ablutions fountain

RIBA97243NOT FOR WEB - Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo: plan of the mida'a

RIBA106448Neptune Fountain, Piazza della Signoria Florence: detail of the horses on the base sculpture

RIBA106681New Hall, Cambridge: the courtyard and fountain


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