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RIBA2174-16Church of St Nicholas, Burnage, Manchester

RIBA6737Church of St Peter, Brighton: the west front

RIBA6796Church of St Peter, Great Walsingham, Norfolk: detail of a poppy-head bench end comprising carvings of mythical beasts

RIBA9226Church of St Peter, Pirton, Hertfordshire: the tower

RIBA9229Church of St Peter and St Paul, Eye, Suffolk: the tower

RIBA10658Church of St Nicholas, Dubrovnik

RIBA10663Church of St Peter, Korcula

RIBA16003Church of St Philip (later Birmingham Cathedral), Birmingham: the east front

RIBA16509Church of St Regulus with ruins of the Cathedral, St Andrews

RIBA22119Church of St Vedast alias Foster, Cheapside, City of London: perspective view

RIBA22404Church of St Stephen, Prague: perspective view of the tower

RIBA24263Church of St Nicholas, Burnage, Manchester

RIBA24266Church of St Saviour, Eltham, London

RIBA27594Church of St Pierre-les-Eglises, Chauvigny

RIBA31517Church of St Peter, Blaina, near Aberystruth: south-west perspective view

RIBA32758Church of St Philip (later Birmingham Cathedral), Birmingham: elevation of the east end

RIBA35251Church of St Olave Hart Street, City of London: sketched detail of the bell tower lantern

RIBA46247Church of St Nicholas, Dubrovnik

RIBA48124Church of St Peter-in-the-East, Queen's Lane, Oxford: a glimpse of the tower behind the giant yew trees

RIBA48150Church of St Peter-in-the-East, Queen's Lane, Oxford

RIBA48450Church of St Parasceva, Sat Sugatag, Maramures: close-up of the double-eaved roof

RIBA58902Church of St Nicholas in Khamovniki, Moscow

RIBA60787Church of St Sauveur, Dinan, Brittany

RIBA60849Church of St Nicholas (Nicolaikirche), Hopfenmarkt, Hamburg


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