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RIBA11863View of coastline near Scalloway looking towards Tondra and Burra Isles, Shetland

RIBA17487Warehouses, King's Dock, Liverpool

RIBA18817View of Greenwich from Deptford, London

RIBA18819View of Hammersmith from Chiswick, London

RIBA20001View of boats on the Thames at Gravesend, Kent

RIBA21104View of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, London, from the south bank of the River Thames

RIBA22131View of Newlyn village and harbour, Cornwall

RIBA27440View over fishermen's houses to the bay, Calvi, Corsica

RIBA29395View of pleasureboats on a river or lake, with townhouses seen in the background possibly in London

RIBA31327View of Whitby pier and harbour, North Yorkshire

RIBA32734View of the town of Cotronei from Porto Vecchio

RIBA35712View towards the town of Herwijnen (Herwynen) from the opposite bank of the River Waal (or Wael, a distributary of the River Rhine) with a large house bearing the family name Zuylekom (or Zuilekom) in the foreground

RIBA36795View of Waterloo Bridge and boats on the River Thames looking east towards the City

RIBA37154View of the fort overlooking the River Ganges, Chunar, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA38457View of fishing boats on the Rio di San Pietro di Castello (Canal of S. Peter di Castello), Venice, with the campanile of the Basilica of San Pietro di Castello seen on the right

RIBA38460View of the Fondamenta Cabala from the Salt Magazines on the Zattere, Venice

RIBA44728View of Naples from the Molo Beverello with the Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino) to the left, the Piazza Municipio straight ahead, and the Castel Sant'Elmo and San Martino in the background

RIBA66398View of the fort on a hill overlooking the River Ganges, Chunar, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA68924View of Victoria Embankment showing a proposed steamboat landing pier between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges, London

RIBA68925View of Victoria Embankment showing a proposed steamboat landing pier at Waterloo Bridge, London

RIBA77506Warehouse, Albert Dock, Liverpool, with boat moored in front

RIBA77577Warehouses, Skipton, Yorkshire: the canalside elevation

RIBA83091View of Carlisle Parade, Hastings: perspective as seen from the sea

RIBA100472View on the Thames (Tower Bridge from the Pool of London)


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