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RIBA41111Horseshoe Bridge, William Street, Perth: one of the newel posts adorned with swan-pedestal lamps

RIBA78748Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the iron column in the winter garden

RIBA47465House in Rutland Square, New Town, Edinburgh: detail of the porch

RIBA15440House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London: the debating chamber with galleries supported by slender iron pillars, adorned with Corinthian capitals and sconces

RIBA113415Il Redentore, Venice, at sunset

RIBA113260Il Redentore, Venice: detail of the main facade showing the superimposed pediments

RIBA17703Illustration showing caryatids supporting an entablature and columns with caryatid heads as capitals

RIBA36283Illustration showing three caryatids supporting an entablature, with accompanying text

RIBA17701Illustration showing three female caryatids supporting an entablature

RIBA17700Illustration showing three male caryatids supporting an entablature

RIBA18907Ionic capital

RIBA53461Ionic capital

RIBA28400Ionic capital and base

RIBA28374Ionic capital and entablature

RIBA28372Ionic capital and entablature

RIBA10105Ionic capital of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis, Athens

RIBA59076Ionic capital, Athens

RIBA34972Ionic capital, British Museum, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA28375Ionic capital, entablature, base and plinth

RIBA10175Ionic capitals

RIBA18829Ionic capitals

RIBA85701Ionic order: base, pedestal and impost mouldings

RIBA10149Ionic volute

RIBA22648Kilise Camii (church of St Theodore), Istanbul: perspective view of arches looking on to a courtyard


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