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RIBA12578Design for a wardrobe for 10 Lancaster Place, London

RIBA13107Design for a sideboard for the Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society offices, Capel House, New Broad Street, City of London: plans, elevations, section and details

RIBA19719Design for a stove

RIBA20484Design for a sitting room, possibly for Mrs Spicer

RIBA21165Design for a study at Braddocks, Sevenoaks, Kent, for Captain J H Godfrey

RIBA22021Design for a shopfront for Jackson and Graham, 36-38 Oxford Street, London

RIBA22267Design for a wrought iron cabinet hinge

RIBA22685Design for a wardrobe featuring carved angels: elevation and sections

RIBA22686Design for a wardrobe: detail of a carved angel with a bird

RIBA22687Design for a wardrobe: detail of carved angels with birds

RIBA29720Design for a sideboard ('bachelor's buffet') for Dromore Castle, County Limerick: elevation, sections and details

RIBA32008Design for a tripod and pedestal featuring lions' heads and feet supporting a basin

RIBA32323Design for a sideboard: elevation with measurements

RIBA32372Design for a small sideboard of sycamore with copper drawer handles and latches: perspective and elevation

RIBA32379Design for a wall-mounted frame with hinged doors for a bas relief, to be constructed from oak with silver hinges and handles: elevation with sections and details

RIBA32645Design for a washstand for Tower House, Melbury Road, Kensington, London: elevations, sections and plans

RIBA36629Design for an extension to the British Museum, Montague Place, Bloomsbury, London: isometric view of a ground floor gallery featuring display cases for glass and ceramic exhibits

RIBA36630Design for an extension to the British Museum, Montague Place, Bloomsbury, London: isometric view of a ground floor gallery to house the Waddesdon and ceramics collections, indicating display cases

RIBA36694Design for an oak sideboard: perspective view

RIBA36697Design for a small oak coffee stool for Alma House, 73 Rodney Road, Cheltenham: perspective sketch

RIBA36816Design for a Rumford stove for his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent

RIBA37840Design for an armchair for flat 47, Highpoint One, Highgate, London: elevations and plan

RIBA69856Design for a studio flat

RIBA94954Design for a writing case: elevation and detail


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