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RIBA13659Oak Bridge, Central Park, New York

RIBA18008Olivetti factory, Pozzuoli

RIBA23422Onlookers by the lake watch the construction of Thamesmead, Greenwich, London

RIBA24825Offices and laboratories for H. J. Heinz Company Limited, Hayes Park, Hayes, London

RIBA24826Offices and laboratories for H. J. Heinz Company Limited, Hayes Park, Hayes, London

RIBA27798Old wooden bridge over the River Trave, Lubeck: view looking towards the Marienkirche and Petrikirche

RIBA27822On the Arno, Florence

RIBA33734Novocomum, via Sinigaglia 1, Como: the main entrance

RIBA33742Novocomum, via Sinigaglia 1, Como: reflections in the glazing of the doors on the third floor

RIBA47674Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool: close-up of the facade showing the cast-iron mullions

RIBA54932Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool

RIBA54933Oriel Chambers, Water Street, Liverpool: fenestration detail

RIBA57597Office development, Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London: the main entrance

RIBA75847Offices and canteeen for the Shell Oil Company, Stanlow Refinery, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire: the west elevation at night

RIBA77232Offices, South Quay Plaza, Docklands, London: detail of the curtain walling

RIBA105321Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105322Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105323Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105324Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105325Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105326Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA105327Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

RIBA113762Number 1 Poultry, City of London: the clocktower

RIBA113763Number 1 Poultry, City of London: the clocktower


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