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Certosa di San Martino, Naples: sculptural decoration on the balustrade of the monks' cemetery in the main cloisterRIBA45097

Chamundi Temple, Mysore, showing an idol cartRIBA14033

Chamundi Temple, Mysore, showing the gopuram and an idol cartRIBA13908

Chamundi Temple, Mysore: the sculpture of the sacred bull Nandi on the approaches to the temple on Chamundi HillRIBA13907

Chancellery (Kanslihuset) Stockholm: the courtyard with a mother and child sculpture by Bror MarklundRIBA90631

Chandos Mausoleum, St Lawrence Church, Little Stanmore, LondonRIBA100132

Chandos Mausoleum, St Lawrence Church, Little Stanmore, LondonRIBA100133

Chanin Building, New York: sculptural detail in lobbyRIBA3298-50

Channel Gardens, Rockefeller Center, New York: the fountains with sculptures of Triton and Nereids by Rene ChambellanRIBA91003

Chapel of San Gennaro, Certosa di San Martino, NaplesRIBA93071

Chapel of San Martino, Certosa di San Martino, Naples with eighteenth century sculpture by Guiseppe SanmartinoRIBA93034

Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, St Stephen's Hall, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: detail of a central bossRIBA38629

Chapel of the Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London: full size detail of the lectern in wood (as executed)RIBA67763

Chapel Royal of St Peter- ad -Vincula, Tower Green, Tower of London: memorial tomb to Sir John Holland, Duke of Exeter, and a Constable of the Tower (d. 1447)RIBA6864

Charterhouse Chapel, Chartehouse Square, West Smithfield, City of London: monument to Thomas Sutton (d.1611) showing the alabaster effigy of a recumbent Sutton on a tomb chestRIBA14705

Chartres Cathderal: the choir screen in the south ambulatoryRIBA58108

Chartres Cathedral: close-up of the elongated statues of kings, queens and figures from the Old Testament decorating the Portal RoyalRIBA5054

Chartres Cathedral: detail of the Royal Portal on the west frontRIBA13963

Chartres Cathedral: detail of the statues and sculpture on the Royal PortalRIBA27377

Chartres Cathedral: details and plans of carved door jambs, pillars and pedestals from the north transept portalRIBA22667

Chartres Cathedral: porch of the north transeptRIBA2723-18

Chartres Cathedral: the north portal arch and tympanum illustrating the Old TestamentRIBA10649

Chartres Cathedral: the Royal Portal on the west frontRIBA30087

Chartreuse d'Auray, Brech, BrittanyRIBA54427


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