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RIBA5541Church of the Virgin, Kaisariani

RIBA5987Church, San Sebastian y Santa Prisca, Tasco

RIBA10669Church, Iowa City

RIBA10672Church, Iowa City

RIBA11729Church Street and the tower of St Anne's Shandon, Cork

RIBA16545Church of the Nativity of Christ, Yaroslavl

RIBA16546Church of the Trinity, Nikitniki, Moscow

RIBA21284Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem: sketch showing the ruined tower, crusader facade and entrance, with figures in the foreground

RIBA23305Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem: the Crusader facade

RIBA24921Church of the Three Crosses, Vuoksenniska, Imatra: the western elevation

RIBA27903'Church of the Storks', Alhandra

RIBA38439Church of the Madonna dell'Orto, Venice

RIBA41253Church, Balatonkeresztur, seen from the south

RIBA41261Church, Tar, seen from the south

RIBA41262Church, Tar, seen from the east

RIBA41263Church, Tar, seen from the south-east

RIBA41272Church, Hedervar

RIBA41304Church, Szigetvar-Turbek

RIBA41308Church, Nova

RIBA47999Church tower of St Lawrence's rising above the quayside warehouses

RIBA48832Church of the Holy Trinity, Maidstone, Kent

RIBA90157Church of the Omnium Santorum, Seville

RIBA108396Church of the Three Crosses, Vuoksenniska, Imatra

RIBA108397Church of the Three Crosses, Vuoksenniska, Imatra


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