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RIBA18340Underhill, Holme, West Yorkshire: the pool

RIBA20407Unexecuted design for a development at Kempton Park, Sunbury, Surrey, featuring lakeside hotels, housing units, swimming pools and an aquarium

RIBA34500Victoria Sea Water Baths, Southport, Lancashire

RIBA50405University of London Students' Union building (ULU), Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London: the swimming pool roof seen from the deep end

RIBA57104Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff

RIBA57105Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the first floor lobby

RIBA57106Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the pool hall showing the spectators' galleries

RIBA57107Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the pool hall looking towards the deep end

RIBA57108Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the diving boards at the deep end of the pool hall

RIBA57109Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the restaurant overlooking the pool hall

RIBA57110Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the restaurant seen from the gallery

RIBA57111Wales Empire Pool, Cardiff: the Mikvah, a Jewish ritual bath supplied with rainwater

RIBA57218Woking Centre Pool, Woking, Surrey

RIBA57219Woking Centre Pool, Woking, Surrey

RIBA57220Woking Centre Pool, Woking, Surrey

RIBA57221Woking Centre Pool, Woking, Surrey: the entrance hall

RIBA71432Tyringham House, Buckinghamshire: the house from the swimming pool

RIBA76631West of England School for the Partially Sighted, Exeter: the swimming pool

RIBA78860Watamu Beach Hotel, near Malindi: the swimming pool

RIBA92234Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo

RIBA92248Yoyogi National Gymnasia, Tokyo: the small and large arenas

RIBA92249Yoyogi National Gymnasia, Tokyo: the basket ball stadium

RIBA92250Yoyogi National Gymnasia, Tokyo: detail of the landscaping around the small arena

RIBA101109Unidentified swimming pool


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