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RIBA3872Wall of Audley End Park, Saffron Walden, Essex

RIBA17544Warehouses, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the boundary wall and entrance gate

RIBA23326Wall construction

RIBA29288View of the wall of a ruined building with a double-arched window opening, Taormina, Sicily

RIBA32356Villa Capponi, Arcetri, near Florence: elevation and plan of the gardens

RIBA35615View of Medieval houses in Capo d'Istria (Koper), near Trieste

RIBA39848Villa Caldogno, Nordera Sacchetto, Caldogno: oblique view of the main facade from the street

RIBA39875Villa Caldogno, Nordera Sacchetto, Caldogno: the entrance gates adorned with weather-beaten statues attributed to Giovanni Battista Bendalozzi

RIBA40155Walled-in mail boxes, Marrakech

RIBA54350Zucco Grande, Filicudi

RIBA60483Windsor Castle, seen from a private garden below the castle wall

RIBA60484Windsor Castle: a private garden with pergola below the castle wall

RIBA80264Winchester Cathedral: section through the wall of the presbytery showing beechwood under the foundations and relative positions of marly clay, peat bed, and gravel

RIBA86208Youth Hostel, Holland House, Holland Park, Kensington, London: the east wing with the hostel block to the left, seen from Holland Walk

RIBA91183Walls of the Almudaina Palace (Palau de L'Almudaina), seen from the Cathedral of Santa Maria (La Seu), Palma

RIBA108238Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm: the main entrance to the cemetery with a Doric colonnade set into the wall

RIBA110465Workshops for musical instruments, Havenfields, Great Missenden: the workshop complex with the 18th century walls in the foreground


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