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RIBA10918170 Queen's Gate, Kensington, London

RIBA102134170 Queen's Gate, Kensington, London: the main entrance

RIBA102117170 Queen's Gate, Kensington, London: the main entrance

RIBA102115170 Queen's Gate, Kensington, London: the main entrance

RIBA105413171-185 Great Portland Street, London

RIBA7777171-197 Regent Street, London

RIBA5571217-18 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London

RIBA776517-25 Regent Street, London

RIBA55786175 The Highway (formerly known as the Radcliffe Highway), Shadwell, London

RIBA4445175-11 Street (formerly Lorenzo Tazaz Street), Asmara

RIBA7806178-200 Regent Street, London

RIBA69417179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London: the model

RIBA9187417A Fleet Street, City of London, leading to The Temple behind

RIBA1062718 and 19 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London: the north side of the square

RIBA1097818 and 19 Collingham Gardens, Kensington, London

RIBA10417918 Church Road, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

RIBA10416418 Church Road, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

RIBA10416518 Church Road, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

RIBA10417418 Church Road, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

RIBA10416618 Church Road, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

RIBA10223018 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London

RIBA10222718 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, London

RIBA497161-8 Paultons Street, Chelsea, London: the late Georgian terrace seen soon after conversion

RIBA754361-8 Priory Close, Horton-cum-Studley, Oxfordshire


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