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RIBA3976View through an archway, Venice

RIBA8123Volga Canal, Moscow: lock

RIBA16369Via Borra, Livorno

RIBA17326Warehouses ar Sharpness, Gloucestershire, on the Gloucester and Sharpness Ship Canal

RIBA17328Warehouses at Sharpness, Gloucestershire, on the Gloucester and Sharpness Ship Canal: facade of wooden-shuttered windows

RIBA17447Warehouse by canal, Macclesfield, Cheshire

RIBA27004View from the Dogana di Mare to the Piazzetta across the Grand Canal, Venice

RIBA27071Villa Molin, Ponte della Cagna, Padua

RIBA27090Unidentified rio, Venice

RIBA27312Villa Foscari, Malcontenta

RIBA29386View of a canal and lock with surrounding houses viewed from a towpath possibly in London

RIBA29404View of the Regents canal in London looking towards the Islington tunnel

RIBA29424View of a factory or power station built on either side of a canal or river surrounded by houses

RIBA38113View from Ponte del Cristo looking along the Rio di Santa Marina, Venice

RIBA38446View of boats moored alongside the Zattere, Venice, with the Chiesa degli Orfani seen on the right

RIBA38453View from the Ponte dei Baretteri, Venice, in the snow

RIBA38457View of fishing boats on the Rio di San Pietro di Castello (Canal of S. Peter di Castello), Venice, with the campanile of the Basilica of San Pietro di Castello seen on the right

RIBA38460View of the Fondamenta Cabala from the Salt Magazines on the Zattere, Venice

RIBA50774Viaduct across the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal at Oxley near Wolverhampton

RIBA53719View of Belfort (The Belfry) from Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

RIBA55650View from the Ponte dei Sartori, Venice

RIBA69425United States Embassy, Baghdad: the staff apartments

RIBA83064View of the Liverpool and Manchester Railroad at the point where it crosses the Bridgewater Canal

RIBA85128View of the bridge across the canal and the bath house in the pleasure grounds of Stone House, near East Grinstead, West Sussex


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