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RIBA7918Palazzo di Montecitorio, Rome

RIBA8133Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

RIBA10235Palace of Westminster, London: the House of Lords in 1834

RIBA13665Parliament Buildings, Ottawa: the East Block, seen from Elgin Street with the Centre Block in the left background

RIBA13667Parliament Buildings, Ottawa: the Centre Block, showing the rear facade of the West Block

RIBA13675Parliament Building (Hotel du Parliament), Quebec City: under construction

RIBA13676Parliament Building (Hotel du Parliament), Quebec City: under construction

RIBA13784Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

RIBA13785Parliament Buildings, Ottawa: the Centre Block, showing the main entrance

RIBA17672Old Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London: the Parliament House from Old Palace Yard

RIBA27545Parliament Building (Sejm), ul. Wiejska 4-6, Warsaw: detail of the bas-relief frieze of the colonnade around the exterior of the round chamber

RIBA30337Parliament Buildings, Kampala

RIBA30338Parliament Buildings, Kampala: the gateway

RIBA30339Parliament Buildings, Kampala: close-up of the rear elevation and tower

RIBA41481Panoramic view of London looking south from the north end of Waterloo bridge, showing St Paul's Cathedral, Blackfriars Bridge, Tower Bridge, the South Bank, Hungerford Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Cleopatra's Needle

RIBA45507Parliament Building (Eduskuntatalo), Mannerheimintie 30, Helsinki

RIBA47695Panorama of the River Thames at Lambeth Bridge, London: elevated view downstream with the Houses of Parliament in the middleground

RIBA51010Parliament Building, Freetown: the circular parliament chamber

RIBA68910Old Palace of Westminster, London

RIBA68943Old Palace of Westminster, London: riverfront elevation from Sir T. Tyrwhitt's House to Palace Yard with another suggested elevation for the same buildings with alterations and plan of the existing buildings

RIBA90425Parliament building (Riksdaghuset), Stockholm

RIBA90667Parliament building (Riksdaghuset), Stockholm

RIBA100496Palace of Westminster, London

RIBA106160Old Palace Yard, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London


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