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RIBA78744Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the statue of Perseus seen from the first-floor landing

RIBA78745Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the winter garden

RIBA78746Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main staircase at the foot of the lightwell

RIBA78747Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main stairwell showing the half-turn landing entrance to the mezzanine floor room

RIBA78748Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the iron column in the winter garden

RIBA78749Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the decorative ironwork supporting the column on the first-floor landing

RIBA78750Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the main stair from the ground floor

RIBA78751Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the timber ceiling and light fitting in the first-floor front room

RIBA78752Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the light fitting in the first floor front room

RIBA78753Hotel Tassel, Brussels: detail of the decorative ironwork on the first-floor balcony

RIBA80293Belgian Pavilion, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925

RIBA105088Hotel Tassel, Brussels: the hallway and stairs


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