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RIBA5465Arena, Verona

RIBA7942Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, Rome

RIBA22762Anatomy theatre, possibly for the College of Physicians, Amen Corner, London: preliminary design showing the exterior entrance, interior section and plan

RIBA27275Arena and Piazza Bra, Verona

RIBA27763Arena, Verona

RIBA27857Arch of Constantine, Rome: a glimpse of the Colosseum through the central arch

RIBA28235Arena, Verona

RIBA28236Arena, Verona

RIBA30736'August 23rd ' amphitheatre, Bucharest

RIBA30975Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria: amphitheatre in the south atrium

RIBA31734Baths on the Aventine and Basilica of Domitian, Rome and Amphitheatre, Zagarolo

RIBA36882Anatomy theatre of the Barber Surgeons' Hall, Monkwell Street, City of London: plan and section

RIBA42963Bousfield Primary School, South Bolton Gardens, Old Brompton Road, Kensington, London: the main entrance with staff rooms above overlooking the amphitheatre

RIBA45106Amphitheatre, Santa Maria Capua Vetere

RIBA46266Amphitheatre, Pula (Pola)

RIBA95437Arena, Verona: perspective of the amphitheatre in its current state

RIBA95438Arena, Verona: elevation and section

RIBA95439Arena, Verona: plan of the underground passageways and exits

RIBA95440Arena, Verona: section showing stairs and internal passageways

RIBA95441Arena, Verona (left) and Colosseum, Rome (right): half-plans comparing the designs

RIBA95442Arena, Verona: plan of the covering (velarium) over the arena

RIBA95443Arena, Verona: second floor plan

RIBA95444Arena, Verona: details of one of the arches with order

RIBA95445Arena, Verona: details of cornices


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