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RIBA3029-33Erechtheion, Acropolis, Athens: view from the the west showing James 'Athenian' Stuart sketching in the foreground

RIBA3719John Ruskin

RIBA14500Humphrey Spender at the Design Research Unit, London

RIBA19417Frank Dobson working on sculpture 'Leisure', erected on the Waterloo concourse for the Festival of Britain, South Bank, London

RIBA28772John Craxton at work

RIBA28779John Craxton in his studio

RIBA42524Eric Fraser working on the mural 'The Way to Health' for the Fitter Britain exhibit at the Empire Exhibition, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

RIBA49831John Piper

RIBA52955Humphrey Spender at the Design Research Unit, London

RIBA53088Frank Auerbach

RIBA58604Henry Moore

RIBA59234John Craxton in his studio

RIBA59235John Craxton in his studio

RIBA63633Labyrinth, Parco Sempione, X Triennale, Milan: Saul Steinberg at work on the graffiti

RIBA63634Labyrinth, Parco Sempione, X Triennale, Milan: Ernesto Rogers looks on as Saul Steinberg works on the graffiti

RIBA63637Labyrinth, Parco Sempione, X Triennale, Milan: Saul Steinberg's team of assistants at work on the graffiti

RIBA63641Labyrinth, Parco Sempione, X Triennale, Milan: a wall decorated with graffiti by Saul Steinberg with the artist's shadow

RIBA63644Enrico Peressutti , Ludovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso, Ernesto Rogers and Saul Steinberg (from left to right) at the Labyrinth, X Triennale, Milan

RIBA68982John Buckler

RIBA68990Grinling Gibbons

RIBA68991Grinling Gibbons

RIBA69366Eileen Lucy 'Tirzah' Ravilious (nee Tirzah Garwood) with sons John and James and daughter Anne

RIBA93693House and studio of Mela Muter, Paris, showing the artist painting Auguste Perret

RIBA98054Letter by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, from Rome, to Robert Mylne, in London, dated 11 Nov 1760, page 1 and address


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