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RIBA3895Elevation of one wall of Madame Recamier's bedroom, Hotel Recamier, Paris

RIBA18032Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire: the state bed in the bed-chamber

RIBA18033Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire: detail of the state bed in the bed-chamber

RIBA18984Design for a four poster bed

RIBA20674Designs for furniture, Little Grove, East Barnet, London, for Frederick Cass: plan and elevations of a bed

RIBA22594Design for a stage set depicting a Baroque bedchamber

RIBA25917Exhibition of Contemporary Industrial Design in the Home, Dorland Hall, Regent Street, London: bedroom of the Reinforced Concrete Flat

RIBA29162Design for a four-poster bed: side elevation

RIBA35150Design for a four-poster bed

RIBA36501Design for interiors for the ground floor of a house: perspective view from above showing a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, dining room and living room

RIBA36502Design for a domestic interior: perspective view from above showing an open-plan kitchen and living area

RIBA36503Design for interiors for the upper floor of a house: perspective view from above showing living rooms or study-bedrooms, a double bedroom, bathroom and hallway

RIBA36504Design for interiors for the upper floor of a house: perspective view from above showing a living room or study-bedroom, double and single bedrooms, bathroom and hallway

RIBA49750Flat 6, St Julian's, Sevenoaks, Kent: the bed-sitting room

RIBA49770Extension to 61 Gloucester Avenue, Camden, London: the double-height living area seen from the gallery

RIBA61502Erasmus Building, Queens' College, Cambridge: room 19 looking towards the window

RIBA61503Erasmus Building, Queens' College, Cambridge: the wash basin area in room 19

RIBA61504Erasmus Building, Queens' College, Cambridge: window and bed in one of the rooms

RIBA63728Fitzherbert House, Tilney Street, Mayfair, London: the twin bedroom in the exhibition flat

RIBA64660Flat at Marble Arch, London: the bedroom

RIBA70383Ernst and Lucie Freud apartment, Regentenstrasse 23 (now Hitzigallee), Tiergarten, Berlin: the main bedroom

RIBA82903Designs for alterations and addition to the house and for garden buildings, Park Hill, Streatham Common North, London, for William Leaf: frontal perspective of a four-poster bed

RIBA97615Designs for the Viceroy's House, New Delhi: details of the bed in bedroom number 7, north-west wing, main floor

RIBA97624Designs for the Viceroy's House, New Delhi: full size detail of the royal cypher for H. Excellency's bedcover


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