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RIBA3042-34London Eye and County Hall, South Bank, Lambeth, London, seen from Westminster Bridge

RIBA19780European Publicity Bus Tour, 1950, for the Festival of Britain: interior of 2nd Bus, Lower Deck, C, featuring the Arts Festival

RIBA20394Design for an office building on Shaftesbury Avenue, London

RIBA22496Design as executed for the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair, London

RIBA24181Donnybrook Bus Garage, Dublin

RIBA24183Donnybrook Bus Garage, Dublin: close-up of one of the shells of the concrete roof lit by natural light

RIBA24184Donnybrook Bus Garage, Dublin

RIBA30144Design for housing and a parade of shops, Upper Ham Road, Ham Farm Estate, Parkleys, Ham Common, Richmond upon Thames, London: perspective view

RIBA35874Design for Bourne & Hollingsworth department store, Oxford Street, London: perspective view

RIBA36083Illustration demonstrating the advantages of placing health, shopping, recreation, education, work and travel facilities within easy reach of the home

RIBA36087Illustration demonstrating the importance of traffic segregation to separate fast and slow-travelling vehicles and provide easy passage for pedestrians

RIBA36362Design for Gestetner House, 210 Euston Road, London, for Gestetner Ltd.: perspective view

RIBA36409Design for a 'Peace on the Heath' scheme proposing a system of underground roads and a village beneath Hampstead Heath, London: section showing an under-lake development including flats, shops, a museum, cinema, roads and a London Underground station

RIBA44940Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition bus: the reception bureau on the lower deck of a bus

RIBA44941Festival of Britain Travelling Exhibition bus: displays on the upper deck of a bus

RIBA44945Maintenance dock unit for London Transport buses, Warmer Road, Camberwell, London: a row of buses in the docking pits

RIBA44946Maintenance dock unit for London Transport buses, Warmer Road, Camberwell, London

RIBA44947Maintenance dock unit for London Transport buses, Warmer Road, Camberwell, London

RIBA57419Debenhams department store, Quadrant Centre, Swansea, Glamorgan: entrance from the bus station

RIBA58947Metropolitan Police Constable on point duty, Victoria, London

RIBA60719Livery design for British European Airways: Vickers Viking airplane and observation coach

RIBA61540East Walk and bus station, Town Square, Basildon, Essex

RIBA63943Housing, Irvine New Town, Ayrshire

RIBA77444Ferry from Gloucester Point to Jamestown, Virginia, with Greyhound buses on board


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