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RIBA14786Bolsover Castle, Bolsover, Derbyshire

RIBA19594Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: elevation and section of the south-west turret

RIBA21896Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: perspective view of the gatehouse, drawbridge and moat

RIBA27274Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, Verona: the west front and campanile with the 9th century monastery's surviving tower on the left

RIBA48950Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire: the gatehouse and fragments of embattled walls enclosing the entrance courtyard

RIBA72269Blaise Castle, near Bristol

RIBA72270Blaise Castle, near Bristol

RIBA83563Berkshire County Prison (Reading Gaol), Reading, Berkshire: perspective as seen from the railway

RIBA83569Bayons Manor, Tealby, Lincolnshire: perspective

RIBA83570Bridehead, Littlebredy, Dorset, for Robert Williams, M.P.: perspective of the garden front

RIBA83612Bayons Manor, Tealby, Lincolnshire: perspective from the north

RIBA83613Bayons Manor, Tealby, Lincolnshire: perspective

RIBA89214Battle Abbey, East Sussex

RIBA89216Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89217Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89218Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89219Bodiam Castle, East Sussex: the entrance across the drawbridge

RIBA89221Bodiam Castle, East Sussex: the inner courtyard

RIBA89224Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89225Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89226Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89229Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89230Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

RIBA89231Bodiam Castle, East Sussex


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