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RIBA14186RMS Orion: the nursery with a large model of the Orion

RIBA14270Stonedene, Ilkley, West Yorkshire: the day nursery

RIBA14271Stonedene, Ilkley, West Yorkshire: the night nursery

RIBA16459Nursery, Ambassade Francaise, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925

RIBA18415SS Chusan P & O liner: the tourist class nursery decorated with Warerite pictorial panels designed by Henry Collins

RIBA24186Rietty Playroom, 40 Old Church Lane, Brent, London

RIBA24187Rietty Playroom, 40 Old Church Lane, Brent, London: corner detail

RIBA24541MARS Group Exhibition, New Burlington Galleries, London: example of a children's room with toys by Paul and Marjorie Abbatt

RIBA24936RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the children's room on the Sports Deck

RIBA26313Single-storey house, Scotby Village, near Carlisle: the playroom with a glimpse into one of the three bunkrooms

RIBA26314Single-storey house, Scotby Village, near Carlisle: the playroom in the children's wing

RIBA47044Housing for the Soviet Trade Delegation, 44 Millfield Lane, Highgate, London: the nursery linking the flats (left) and the assembly hall (right)

RIBA52371Shottery Manor House, Stratford-upon-Avon, looking from the night nursery into the day nursery

RIBA52966SS Oriana: first class Junior Club room with climbing frame designed by June Lyon

RIBA52967SS Oriana: close-up of the teak climbing frame designed by June Lyon in the first class Junior Club room

RIBA52979SS Oriana: mahogany climbing frame and slide designed by June Lyon in the tourist class Junior Club room

RIBA53727Nursery added to the home of Grete Fischer, Grunewald, Berlin

RIBA56617Villa Loew-Beer, Brno: the nursery with Montessori furniture

RIBA71134House in The Glade, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: the children's play area seen from raised dining area and kitchen

RIBA74382House for Shiro Akaboshi, Tokyo: the children's room

RIBA74383House for Shiro Akaboshi, Tokyo: a corner of the children's room

RIBA92911Housing, Winscombe Street, Camden, London: the garden room with its central partition

RIBA97523Sketch designs for an imaginary house, with furniture and accoutrements, for Captain Edward Weatherston Day of the R.M.S. Briton:'And yet another Day!' [the nursery] (page 14)

RIBA105430SS Normandie: the infants' playroom


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