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RIBA74383House for Shiro Akaboshi, Tokyo: a corner of the children's room

RIBA74382House for Shiro Akaboshi, Tokyo: the children's room

RIBA71134House in The Glade, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: the children's play area seen from raised dining area and kitchen

RIBA47044Housing for the Soviet Trade Delegation, 44 Millfield Lane, Highgate, London: the nursery linking the flats (left) and the assembly hall (right)

RIBA92911Housing, Winscombe Street, Camden, London: the garden room with its central partition

RIBA24541MARS Group Exhibition, New Burlington Galleries, London: example of a children's room with toys by Paul and Marjorie Abbatt

RIBA53727Nursery added to the home of Grete Fischer, Grunewald, Berlin

RIBA16459Nursery, Ambassade Francaise, Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris 1925

RIBA24186Rietty Playroom, 40 Old Church Lane, Brent, London

RIBA24187Rietty Playroom, 40 Old Church Lane, Brent, London: corner detail

RIBA14186RMS Orion: the nursery with a large model of the Orion

RIBA24936RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2): the children's room on the Sports Deck

RIBA52371Shottery Manor House, Stratford-upon-Avon, looking from the night nursery into the day nursery

RIBA26314Single-storey house, Scotby Village, near Carlisle: the playroom in the children's wing

RIBA26313Single-storey house, Scotby Village, near Carlisle: the playroom with a glimpse into one of the three bunkrooms

RIBA97523Sketch designs for an imaginary house, with furniture and accoutrements, for Captain Edward Weatherston Day of the R.M.S. Briton:'And yet another Day!' [the nursery] (page 14)

RIBA18415SS Chusan P & O liner: the tourist class nursery decorated with Warerite pictorial panels designed by Henry Collins

RIBA105430SS Normandie: the infants' playroom

RIBA52967SS Oriana: close-up of the teak climbing frame designed by June Lyon in the first class Junior Club room

RIBA52966SS Oriana: first class Junior Club room with climbing frame designed by June Lyon

RIBA52979SS Oriana: mahogany climbing frame and slide designed by June Lyon in the tourist class Junior Club room

RIBA14270Stonedene, Ilkley, West Yorkshire: the day nursery

RIBA14271Stonedene, Ilkley, West Yorkshire: the night nursery

RIBA56617Villa Loew-Beer, Brno: the nursery with Montessori furniture


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