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RIBA13808Grand Harbour, Valletta

RIBA20442Design for the reconstruction of the Porta Reale (city gates), Valletta forming: part of a town planning scheme

RIBA20592Istanbul: perspective view of the city walls

RIBA23299Dammtor, Juterbog


RIBA27521Grain stores in the town walls above the River Vistula, Chelmno

RIBA27938Corner of the Old Town, Tarragona

RIBA32712Entrance gateway to the medina, Sfax

RIBA38104City walls, Soave

RIBA58920Himeji Castle on Mount Hime, Hyogo: the outer walls

RIBA60425Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh

RIBA60748Ezelpoort (Donkey's Gate), Bruges

RIBA60826Eigelsteintor (Eagle's Gate), Eberplatz, Cologne

RIBA60879Holstentor, Altstadt, Lubeck

RIBA60903Heger Tor (Waterloo Gate), Altstadt, Osnabruck, Lower Saxony

RIBA66799Galata Tower with a section of the remaining Genoese wall, Istanbul

RIBA83324Drawings from a sketchbook showing the Westgate, Winchester, with details of decoration

RIBA85658Design for an eight-sided fortress for an ideal city: half-plan and section

RIBA85659Design for an eight-sided fortress for an ideal city: half-plan

RIBA85660Designs for five fortresses for ideal cities: elevations and sections

RIBA98283Conjectural reconstructions of west Asiatic architecture at Boghazkoy (Bogazkale), Tayanat (Tell Ta'yinat) and Yasilikaya

RIBA100911Examples of Gothic architecture in Spain; A) courtyard, Ducal Palace, Gudalajara; B) courtyard, the Audiencia, Barcelona; C) Doorway, Foundling Hospital, Cordova; D) La Lonja, Valencia; E) castle, Medina del Campo; F) Puerta de Serranos, Valencia; G) window in Bishop's Palace, Alcala; H) Puerta del Sol, Toledo

RIBA125151Design for a chateau or city gate and drawbridge

RIBA125674Elevation of a city (?) gateway with a large arched central entrance and very narrow doors either side with very elongated voussoirs above them and a triangular pediment


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