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RIBA10845Design for a decorative border of intertwined ribbons, oak leaves and acorns

RIBA20039Design for a decorative circular ceiling panel with drawings showing ornamental relief pattern details

RIBA20140Designs for carved mirror and picture frames for Milton Abbey, Dorset

RIBA20487Design for ornamental cornice and mouldings for the drawing room of T.T. Clifton Esq., 7 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London

RIBA20514Designs for ceiling decoration for the chapel of the Old Royal Naval College (Royal Naval Hospital), Greenwich, London: detail showing a quarter of a panel of scrolled foliate decoration (not as executed)

RIBA20882Design for an engraved, enamelled rosewater salver, for Lady Scarisbrick, Scarisbrick Hall, Lancashire

RIBA20888Design for the Monopteros, a polychrome Greek-style monopteral ornamental temple for the 'Englischer Garten', Munich: elevation

RIBA20972Design for an unidentified drawing room: elevation for window wall

RIBA21574Design for a decorated dado in an unidentified chapel or church featuring lettering and floral patterns

RIBA21679Design for a decorated square ceiling, Carrington House, Whitehall, London

RIBA21682Design for a decorated square ceiling depicting Jupiter and Juno

RIBA21685Design for the interior decoration of a hall or saloon in a country house

RIBA22362Design for the interior decoration of an unidentified drawing room

RIBA22515Design for an embroidered banner incorporating the arms of the City of London, the London Diocese, Durham, St Oswald and St Cuthbert

RIBA22747Design for a tapestry border, with the arms of Pope Paul V Borghese

RIBA22902Designs for Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London: design for decoration of the architrave soffit of the King's bedchamber alcove

RIBA22903Designs for Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London: designs for decoration of the beams and soffit of the King's bedchamber alcove

RIBA22905Designs for Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London: design for the decoration of the entablature of the King's bedchamber featuring a frieze of scrolled foliate motifs and winged putti

RIBA22909Designs for Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London: detail of the cornice moulding in the King's cabinet

RIBA29566Design for the Chapel of St Andrew and the Saints of Scotland, Westminster Cathedral, London: plan indicating the flooring featuring fish and sea creatures

RIBA31947Design for the interior decoration of a cinema or cafe: perspective view of the ceiling and wall mouldings

RIBA32375Design for a decorative floor border or tread of a step: elevation showing a stylised floral design to be executed in lead and copper

RIBA35799Design for an exhibition poster for the Farnham School of Art

RIBA65406Design for a moulding enriched with lotus and satyr mask ornament with cyma recta profile: elevation and section


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