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RIBA2934-28Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, looking out to the Funhouse and rides

RIBA2936-28Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

RIBA3145-41Assembly Rooms, York: the colonnaded main hall

RIBA9549Barrandov Film Studios, Prague

RIBA14679Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh: the ballroom

RIBA52674Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: close-up of the restaurant windows closed

RIBA52676Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: one of the cash desks designed by the architect of the snack bar

RIBA52677Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the snack bar

RIBA52678Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: the Savarin restaurant

RIBA52679Blackpool Casino, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool: an office corridor panelled in mahogany

RIBA56711Assembly hall in Berlin under construction

RIBA56712Assembly hall in Berlin under construction

RIBA58046Assembly Rooms, Theatre Street, Norwich, Norfolk: the central reception hall after restoration and additions

RIBA58047Assembly Rooms, Theatre Street, Norwich, Norfolk: the new cinema

RIBA83824Bath Hotel, Bath Assembly Rooms and pleasure gardens, Tynemouth: perspective

RIBA84170Assembly Rooms, Guildhall, Worcester: interior as proposed to be altered

RIBA85333Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Boston, Lincolnshire: perspective from the market

RIBA86957Bank of England printing works, Debden, Essex: the recreation hall with stage and acoustic canopy

RIBA95437Arena, Verona: perspective of the amphitheatre in its current state

RIBA95438Arena, Verona: elevation and section

RIBA95439Arena, Verona: plan of the underground passageways and exits

RIBA95440Arena, Verona: section showing stairs and internal passageways

RIBA95442Arena, Verona: plan of the covering (velarium) over the arena

RIBA95443Arena, Verona: second floor plan


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