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RIBA62217Standard Telephones' portable Starphone in use on the streets of London (claimed to be the world's smallest UHF radio telephone in 1969)

RIBA62223Traffic on the A4 flyover, London

RIBA62226Traffic warden using closed circuit television for traffic control at a difficult crossroads in the city centre, Durham

RIBA62229Special crane to handle freight containers

RIBA62237The Barton High Level Bridge (now part of the M60) over the Manchester Ship Canal

RIBA62255Unloading on the dockside, Liverpool

RIBA62366Terminal 1, Heathrow Airport, London: car/taxi/coach drop off area

RIBA62379Terminal 1, Heathrow Airport, London: public telephone area on the concourse

RIBA62478Woolsington Airport, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: boarding a plane


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