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RIBA5260Bamburgh Castle

RIBA6592Beaupre Hall, Norfolk, being demolished with only the fortified gatehouse remaining

RIBA14759Aske Hall, Aske, near Richmond: the Oliver Duckett (or Oliver's Ducket) folly

RIBA18731Alhambra, Granada

RIBA21896Bishop's Palace, Wells, Somerset: perspective view of the gatehouse, drawbridge and moat

RIBA27823Badia Fiorentina and Palazzo del Bargello, via del Proconsolo, Florence

RIBA27893Arc de l'Almudaina, Old Town, Palma de Mallorca

RIBA29607Altstadt, Lubeck: perspective view of the Burgtor and surrounding buildings

RIBA46233Building within the Tvrda fortress, Osijek

RIBA47951Baliffgate, Alnwick, looking towards the west gate and barbican of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

RIBA48950Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire: the gatehouse and fragments of embattled walls enclosing the entrance courtyard

RIBA48973Burgh Castle, Norfolk

RIBA49617Archcliffe Gate, Dover Western Heights, Kent

RIBA49618Archcliffe Gate, Dover Western Heights, Kent

RIBA49628Brick-walled earthworks, Dover Western Heights, Kent

RIBA49629Brick-walled earthworks, Dover Western Heights, Kent: an entrance shaft

RIBA51312Battle towers along the Kremlin Wall overlooking the River Moskva, Moscow

RIBA53628Bunkers, Greenham Common

RIBA58873Bab el-Futuh (Gate of Conquest), Fatimid Wall, Cairo

RIBA89268Arundel Castle, West Sussex, seen from the river

RIBA90066Barrage Vauban (Vauban Weir), Strasbourg

RIBA90316Arca de Santa Maria, Burgos

RIBA105315Brunella Fortress, Aulla, near La Spezia

RIBA113088Aurelian wall by Porta San Sebastiano, Rome


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