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RIBA17026Conversion of West Grove, Hammers Lane, Mill Hill, London: metal folding window to the living room

RIBA17078Berlei factory, Slough: the administration block

RIBA17166Co-operative Society Shop, Cranleigh, Surrey

RIBA17811Colin St John Wilson's house, Grantchester Road, Cambridge: the dining area

RIBA20847Bill of quantities estimate for the erection and completion of 1-3 Willow Road, Hampstead, London

RIBA23733Bauausstellung, Charlottenburg, Berlin: close-up of the covered way constructed in the 'System Luxfer' with the exhibition building VII in the background

RIBA23734Church of St Wenceslas, Vrsvovice, Prague: close-up of clock tower showing the Luxfer Prism bricks

RIBA23830Berlei Factory, Slough: detail of the main front

RIBA23832Berlei Factory, Slough: close-up of the glass brick window over the main entrance

RIBA33673Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo, Como: detail of the glass brick walls

RIBA33674Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo, Como: the glass brick dividing walls of the assembly hall

RIBA33675Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo, Como: view of the entrance lobby looking towards the main staircase

RIBA33678Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo, Como: detail of the assembly hall ceiling

RIBA33680Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo, Como: detail of the main staircase seen from the first floor

RIBA33759Casa Rustici, corso Sempione 36, Milan: detail of the entrance flooring

RIBA33760Casa Rustici, corso Sempione 36, Milan: detail of the glass bricks used for the internal staircase

RIBA55056Cecil Rhodes House, Goldington Street Estate, St Pancras, London: the main entrance and the glass brick stair tower

RIBA56311Boavista Bank headquarters, Rio de Janeiro: the double-height undulating wall of glass blocks lighting the main banking hall

RIBA56312Boavista Bank headquarters, Rio de Janeiro: an office

RIBA56356Casualty block, Dunfermline and West Fife Hospital, Dunfermline: the entrance hall lit by glass brick roof

RIBA71471Co-operative Society Shop, Cranleigh, Surrey: detail of the signage

RIBA86952Bank of England printing works, Debden, Essex: the main entrance hall, looking towards the tea room

RIBA93156De Overloop, housing for the elderly, Almere-Haven

RIBA112037Dammerstock housing estate, Karlsruhe: detail of the balconies and canopy of the block by Walter Gropius


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