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RIBA9230Guildhall, Eye

RIBA15459Guildhall, City of London: the Great Hall

RIBA15460Guildhall, City of London: the Court of Common Council in session in the Council Chamber

RIBA15461Guildhall, City of London: examination of a bankrupt before his creditors at the Court of King's Bench

RIBA28698Guildhall, Lavenham

RIBA28699Guildhall, Lavenham

RIBA42088Guildhall, High Street, Worcester: the main entrance

RIBA47995Guildhall, Gaol Hill, Norwich

RIBA49079Guildhall, Lavenham, Suffolk: the elevation on Lady Street

RIBA49080Guildhall, Lavenham, Suffolk: the carved angle-post at the corner between Market Place and Lady Street

RIBA49081Guildhall, Lavenham, Suffolk: the entrance porch

RIBA58823Guildhall, High Street, Exeter

RIBA65548Guildhall, City of London: cresting with the arms of the City of London

RIBA73670Guildhall, Cambridge: the town clerk's office

RIBA73800Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton

RIBA73801Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: the entrance hall

RIBA73802Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: one of the doors into the assembly hall

RIBA73803Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: the assembly hall towards the gallery

RIBA73804Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: the assembly hall from the gallery

RIBA73805Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: detail of upper corner of the assembly hall showing the clerestory windows

RIBA73806Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: detail of the refreshment room

RIBA73807Guildhall, Civic Centre, Southampton: detail of an engraved mirror in the refreshment room

RIBA78256Guildhall, Portsmouth, looking upwards from the gutted interior

RIBA81290Guildhall, Plymouth, Devon


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