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RIBA5301Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street, City of London

RIBA11650Custom House, Dublin

RIBA14236Council House, New Delhi: close-up of the central hall and courtyard

RIBA15188Civic Centre, Walthamstow, London: looking across to the Town Hall

RIBA16598Civic Centre, Walthamstow, London: a lateral view of the Town Hall

RIBA16599Civic Centre, Walthamstow, London: the volume of the Town Hall council chamber

RIBA18893City gate towers, Amsterdam: Jan Roodenpoortstoren, 1616, on the left and Regulierstoren (now Munttoren), 1619, on the right

RIBA21810Church of St Paul, Lyon: study of the lantern

RIBA29178Design for a small domed building: section and plan

RIBA35251Church of St Olave Hart Street, City of London: sketched detail of the bell tower lantern

RIBA36961Design for a garden orchestra stand of square plan, with pedimented porticos on all four sides and surmounted by an open lantern: plan and elevation

RIBA38963Clock House, The Causeway, Great Dunmow, Essex

RIBA45148Concrete balconies of Barbican Estate tower block with tower of St Giles Cripplegate seen from London Wall, City of London

RIBA50614Church, Tuscania, Lazio

RIBA61906Cripps Hall, University of Nottingham: the dining hall

RIBA66118Design for a 3 bay, two-storey pavilion with a balustraded roof and cupola: elevation

RIBA67096Design for a proposed Greek Revival chapel, Richmond upon Thames, London: the west elevation

RIBA71673Derby School of Transport, Osmaston Park, Derby: the main entrance

RIBA73842Council Offices, Trowbridge, Wiltshire: the main entrance

RIBA73843Council Offices, Trowbridge, Wiltshire: the clock fleche

RIBA73878Council Offices, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

RIBA73880Council Offices, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: detail of the clock fleche

RIBA77084Cripps Court, Queens' College, Cambridge: the roof terrace with a glazed lantern above the staircase

RIBA96298Design for a large country house in the style of the Greek Revival: perspective


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