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RIBA2615-13British Pavilion, Expo '92, Seville, by night

RIBA2728-18Ceremonial arches over The Mall for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London, seen at night

RIBA3885Competition designs for decorations for the Coronation of King George VI, Bond Street, London: perspective of view at night showing lighting from below

RIBA4475Cinema Roma, Sematat Avenue / 171-4 Street, Asmara

RIBA5313Bengal Court, City of London

RIBA30508Carlo Felice Theatre, Genoa: lateral view of the stage from a balcony

RIBA33690Casa del Fascio by night, Piazza del Popolo, Como: projection on the main facade in celebration of the centenary of the birth of Giuseppe Terragni on 18 April 2004

RIBA41762Broadgate Tower, City of London: the escalators seen from the entrance foyer

RIBA41763Broadgate Tower, City of London: the escalators up to the mezzanine seen from the entrance foyer

RIBA42767Columbia Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London: the foyer advertising the film 'Gigi'

RIBA42773Curzon Mayfair cinema, Curzon Street, Mayfair, London: the auditorium seen from the circle

RIBA43568Bognor Regis Centre, Bognor Regis

RIBA50308Cascade Restaurant, Mayfair Hotel, London

RIBA52562Carlton Coats Limited showroom, Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London

RIBA53191Barbican Centre, Silk Street, City of London: staircase and ceiling lighting in the concert hall foyer

RIBA53192Barbican Centre, Silk Street, City of London: staircase and foyer of the concert hall

RIBA55040British European Airways (BEA) West London Air Terminal signage, Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, by night

RIBA55948Britannia Nurseries, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire: inside one of the greenhouses

RIBA59195Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin: the conference room

RIBA60734Castrol House, Marylebone Road, London: ceiling lighting in the canteen

RIBA63239Chemistry Building, University of Nottingham: the main lecture theatre

RIBA64340Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin: detail of a light well

RIBA71177Curzon Cinema, 38 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London: the auditorium

RIBA103041Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Buckinghamshire: detail of control panels for lighting and plant monitoring


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