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RIBA5147Lederer leather goods shop, Regent Street, London

RIBA6719St Augustine, Brookland, Kent: detail of the Norman lead font

RIBA6720St Mary, Chartham, Kent: monumental brass of Sir Robert de Septvans (d.1306) depicted as a knight lying cross-legged in chainmail

RIBA6896St Mary the Virgin, Puddletown, Dorset: the Norman font decorated with palmette motif and Jacobean font cover

RIBA38592Plant-stands in aluminium and metal for the Ridgeway Hotel, Lusaka

RIBA38593South Africa Travel Bureau, 70 Piccadilly, London: floor to ceiling metal plant stand and bookcase

RIBA44539Olivetti Training Centre, Haslemere, Surrey: close-up of the GRP structure

RIBA44540Olivetti Training Centre, Haslemere, Surrey: the glazed walkway linking the new training wing to the Mock Tudor manor house

RIBA45965Pakhuis restaurant in a former warehouse, Schuurkenstraat, Ghent

RIBA46776Sully Tuberculosis Hospital, Cardiff: the balcony over the main entrance to the hospital block

RIBA58093St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, seen from the south-west with steeplejack ascending the crooked spire

RIBA58094St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire: steeplejack working on the crooked spire

RIBA58095St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield, Derbyshire: structural detail of the crooked spire

RIBA81860Offices for Metal Box Limited, Reading, Berkshire

RIBA81863Offices for Metal Box Limited, Reading, Berkshire: the swimming pool with metal roofing

RIBA110587Leicester Royal Infirmary: physiotherpahy courtyard with 'The Frog' by Eduardo Paolozzi

RIBA110588Leicester Royal Infirmary: physiotherapy courtyard with 'The Frog' by Eduardo Paolozzi


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