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RIBA2460-5British Museum, Bloomsbury, London: the Great Court

RIBA3268-49British Museum, Bloomsbury, London: the Great Court

RIBA3530-63Cafe de Unie, Rotterdam

RIBA5596Bird tracks in the snow

RIBA6318Burton House, Kentish Town, London: view of the front gate

RIBA9543Broadway Arcade, Prague: detail of the roof

RIBA19145Boldly painted facade of an appartment block, Cincinnati

RIBA22337Basilica of St Francis, Assisi: detail of a wall painting from the nave

RIBA23030British Government Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: the main entrance to the Crystalline Hall

RIBA23034British Government Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: close-up of the three crystalline spires of the Crystalline Hall

RIBA23039British Industry Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels: a view showing the glass mural by Cecil Stephenson

RIBA24780Bar in Cabinteely, Dublin

RIBA27742Baths of Caracalla, Rome: detail of the mosiac floor tiling

RIBA34243Barbican Estate, City of London: close-up of the Lauderdale Tower

RIBA40152Balustrade on roof terrace, Dar les Cigognes, Marrakech

RIBA41142Bruno House (House Boaz-Schwabe), 3 Strauss Street, Tel Aviv: close-up of the balcony parapets

RIBA42272Brick and flint wall, Hingham, Norfolk

RIBA53191Barbican Centre, Silk Street, City of London: staircase and ceiling lighting in the concert hall foyer

RIBA93590Book cover from the Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

RIBA93605Assyrian (Nineveh) and Persian ornament no. 2: examples of decoration from a variety of sources from clothing to bricks

RIBA93606Assyrian (Nineveh) and Persian ornament no. 3: various architectural details

RIBA93620Byzantine ornament no. 1: carved decoration from various buildiings in Europe

RIBA93621Byzantine ornament no. 2: decorative patterns from mosaics, marble pavements and illuminated manuscripts

RIBA93622Byzantine ornament no. 3: decorative mosaics from Italian churches


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