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RIBA8529Daily Express Building, 120-129 Fleet Street, City of London, seen from the south-west

RIBA13407Design for a pneumatic railway, London

RIBA14768Cottages, Thornton le Dale, North Yorkshire

RIBA17511Cobbled pavement and railings, Gilesgate, Durham

RIBA18000Daily Mirror building, Holborn Circus, City of London: elevated view from Charterhouse Street

RIBA20506Competition design for the Holborn - Strand Improvement scheme, London: perspective indicating the widening of the Strand

RIBA20612Design for the Ghyllgrove housing estate, Basildon, Essex

RIBA20615Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, seen from a nearby side street

RIBA21543Criccieth Castle: distant view of the castle and town from a country lane

RIBA22496Design as executed for the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair, London

RIBA23342Cumbernauld New Town: the turn-off for Cumbernauld House

RIBA29223Design for a block of flats with shops and a bank at street level

RIBA36405Design for a 'Peace on the Heath' scheme proposing a system of underground roads and a village beneath Hampstead Heath, London: preliminary sketched perspective

RIBA36409Design for a 'Peace on the Heath' scheme proposing a system of underground roads and a village beneath Hampstead Heath, London: section showing an under-lake development including flats, shops, a museum, cinema, roads and a London Underground station

RIBA38639Cobbled and paved street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

RIBA44925Children crossing Fulham Palace Road at Putney Bridge on their way to school, London

RIBA45494Complex of feeder roads, Poniatowski Bridge, Warsaw

RIBA45652Chicago Spire construction site on the Chicago River seen from the roof of Lake Point Tower, North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

RIBA47576Cul-de-sac of decaying eighteenth century houses in the old town, Hull

RIBA53167Central plan of London showing modifications of the two main avenues proposed by the Traffic Commissioners as well as a suggested addiitional avenue south of the Thames

RIBA57519Corso Francia elevated highway under construction, Rome

RIBA62716Church of St Paul, Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London, seen from the flyover

RIBA62879Dagenham Civic Centre, Rainham Road, London, seen in its urban context

RIBA89055Chemin de Pouillerel, La Chaux de Fonds


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